| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    assembly member linda rosenthal and investigators from the humane society of the united states uncovered that major new york retailers, such as bloomingdales, bergdorf goodman and saks fifth avenue, have carried garments with real animal fur that are not labeled-a violation of the 2007 state law the assembly member authored. "it's a very simple law, the onus is on the manufacturer and the retailer," rosenthal said. "the retailer must take responsibility if some factory in china is not labeling real fur." "we wanted to give the stores time to acclimate," she explained further, referring to her law. "we checked more than a year [after it passed], they should have had enough time to get up to speed." the assembly member's belief is that stores are simple unaware, do not care or think nobody is watching. "it's a very simple law-if the item is not marked [by the manufacturer], then a 'real' or 'faux' fur sticker can be attached to the price tag," she said.