| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:09

    Dan Garodnick, who is serving his first term along with fellow East Side Council Member Jessica Lappin, is adamant about his opposition to the mayor"s bill to extend term limits. Garodnick came out early against Mayor Michael Bloomberg"s proposal to legislatively alter the two-term limits that were implemented by voter referendum in 1993 and 1996. He said that the public, not the City Council, should decide to extend term limits to three instead of two for local elected officials. â??Because the voters have spoken on the subject's twice's the Council and mayor should not make these changes without another public referendum, Garodnick wrote in a letter to the chair of Community Board 8. Lappin, however, also opposed to the idea of term limits, said she will make a decision after the Council"s public hearings on Bloomberg"s term limit proposal on Oct. 16 and 17. â??There have been two referendums on this issue, which is something that I take very seriously, Lappin said in a statement.ˆ â??I have been hearing from constituents throughout the district and I am looking forward to the Council hearings on this issue.