| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    with complaints from manhattan constituents increasing, rep. jerrold nadler recently reached out to the federal aviation administration to discuss the noise and disruption caused by helicopters flying over new york city. nadler's office said that the congressman is working with the faa to organize a follow-up meeting to a january roundtable discussion focused on the issue. the meeting would include the new york city economic development corporation and representatives of the helicopter industry. proposed solutions include the design of new routes, the introduction of flying hour restrictions and the change of federal regulations. "there are only two areas in the country that do not allow helicopter flying: the white house and camp david," said jesse bodine, director of constituent services for council member gale brewer, whose office has been working with residents on the issue. as the legislative option "will take some time," elected officials hope that a feasible solution will soon come out of the meetings.