Hypnotism for Sleazier Sex

| 16 Feb 2015 | 05:32

    Maybe you've had this problem before: you're having sex ("making love") with someone other than one of your own hands, and let's say it's going pretty okay?you have a nice rhythm going and are reasonably sure your partner doesn't have diseased and/or cystic genitalia?and yet you can't help but feel disappointment at the fact you aren't actually on the moon. This disappointment quickly leads to uncontrollable anxiety and soon you can no longer perform.

    Nobody likes being disgraced by his own physical inadequacy?believe me, I know?but cheer up, friends, because help has arrived. His name is Peter Masters, Australian Hypnotherapist.

    "I'm sure you've seen stage-shows where the victims...er, subjects cluck their way around the stage thinking that they're chickens," Masters writes in the opening pages of Look into My Eyes: How to Use Hypnosis to Bring Out the Best in Your Sex Life. "Well, if someone in a trance can imagine?can actually feel?that they are chickens, why can't you have the experience of making love to a model or movie star? Why can't you make love on the moon? There's no reason."

    And don't think performing the horizontal mambo in zero gravity is the only fantasy you can enact with the help of hypnosis. As Masters so poetically puts it, "You can be a pirate, a muscle-man, a damsel-in-distress, a superhero, a warrior prince or mad scientist, and spring from one side of your bedroom to the other, pillaging, raping or rescuing as you go."

    Masters defines the hypnotic trance as a state of mind in which extreme physical and mental relaxation allow inhibitions to wane; in this state, responsiveness to given commands increases and verbal suggestions can be easily implanted. However, it is noted, those in trances still retain their sense of Right and Wrong and can't be expected to perform acts they wouldn't under normal circumstances?even if they do happen to believe they are a giant yellow cartoon chicken from Planet Hell. More specifically, Masters writes, "You won't find anything here that will tell you how to pick up members of the appropriate sex and get them to go to bed with you. If that's what you're after put this book away and go get a life."

    Look into My Eyes is comprised of three sections: the first is a history of hypnotism and a treatise on what it can and can't do; the second section is a prodigious guide to the intricacies of the Hypnotic Arts and all correlating etiquette; the third section (or, as we will refer to it, "The Section Worth Reading") contains numerous Fantasy Sex Scenarios, tips for boosting Orgasm Intensity, chapters on Bondage and Group Masturbation and a half-dozen truly filthy role-playing scripts like "Joining the Mile-High Club" and (this is true) "Surgeon Makes Love to a Patient."

    "Hypnotizing," Masters explains, "or allowing yourself to be hypnotized, involves an explicit hand-over of control. Sometimes just the thought of this, followed by even a light trance, is enough to get the juices flowing and can lead to orgasms extraordinaire."

    The process of entrancing your partner can take between a half-hour and mere seconds depending on their hypnotizability, Masters says. After your partner is adequately zoned out, it becomes possible to give them explicit commands and implant vivid fantasy scenarios in their minds. As mentioned earlier, Masters helpfully provides numerous fantasy "scripts"; here's an example:

    "I'm going to count to three in a moment. On the count of three you'll hunger to have my cock in your mouth. You'll open your eyes, go down on me and start sucking my cock. You'll hunger for me, need me in your mouth. And then, after a while I'll push you face-down onto the bed and fuck you from behind and you'll love it; it'll feel so good! One. Two. THREE!"

    Or, for all you wacky female hypnotists out there, check out this wholesome excerpt from "Joining the Mile-High Club," set in the restroom of a commercial jetliner en route to London:

    "Although there's not much space you manage to help me turn around and to lean over the closed toilet. As I bend over you pull your pants down and start to slide your penis into me. I feel so warm and wet to you. My vagina feels so warm and wet and tight... Even though there is the rushing and the roaring of the aeroplane's engines you can hear me starting to moan with pleasure. You know I am loving what you are doing... Suddenly you feel a rippling in my vagina, a squeezing sensation, and you know that I am coming. You hear me trying to stifle a cry. The feeling of me coming brings you to orgasm. You grip my hips even harder and push yourself hard into me. You drive your penis into me and feel yourself come deep inside me."

    Needless to say, this critic is impressed. Impressed and convinced. No doubt about it, hypnosis can and will enhance anyone's sex life, maybe even yours. Look into My Eyes simultaneously provides a fascinating guidebook for aspiring hypnotists and an even more fascinating guidebook for aspiring deviants. If you're at all interested in either hypnotism or putrid debauchery, be sure to jot down "Peter Masters" on your spring reading list.

    And by the way, don't forget to check out the last page of Look into My Eyes, where you'll find a convenient order form for other books from Greenery Press. These additional titles include Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual, The Bottoming Book: Or, How to Get Terrible Things Done to You by Wonderful People, and A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting.