| 13 Aug 2014 | 01:30

    In an effort to get more neighborhood input on Upper West Side issues, Community Board 7 has been asking questions on its website. Every month, the board will post a new question for Upper West Siders to answer and then provide a summary of what residents are thinking at the end of the response period. ?People might not come to our meetings, but they still feel strongly about the community,? said Helen Rosenthal, the board chair. ?It?s good to know is that there?s a variety of opinions out there.? So far, the board has asked for input on a variety of issues, including traffic and quality of life topics. October?s question about the neighborhood?s overcrowded schools received more than 400 responses. According to Rosenthal, the responses will help shape some of the board?s decisions. ?It?s a tool to help us think about things,? Rosenthal said. To weigh in on December?s question, visit