| 16 Feb 2015 | 11:53

    To the Editor: Contrary to what Alan Chartock writes ("An Obvious Choice for Senate," Dec. 11), Caroline Kennedy is not an obvious choice for the Senate. Caroline Kennedy has accomplished nothing in her life. She is a lawyer who has never practiced law. She has never been gainfully employed and does not know what it is like to hold a full-time job. She is ill at ease speaking in public. Just because in her capacity as a socialite dilettante she raised some money for the Department of Education does not make her an expert in education. Caroline Kennedy has never experienced the rough-and-tumble nature of political life. She has lived her life in an ivory tower. She is treated with respect and deference only because she the daughter of a beloved president who died tragically. It just shows a sense of entitlement that Caroline thinks she should start at the top by being selected to a high-level position like Senator. For Caroline to succeed the great Hillary Clinton would be an insult not only to Hillary, but to those who support Hillary. To us, this so-called princess of Camelot is a loathsome creature because of her over-the-top grandstanding on behalf of Obama. For Paterson to appoint Caroline just because she is experiencing empty-nest syndrome because her children are growing up would be totally irresponsible. Reba Shimansky West End Avenue Letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.