Let's Talk Turkey

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:13

    IF YOU HAVEN’T already bought a bird, devised a game plan, stocked up on sundries and spent hours stressing out, you’re probably not at all prepared to host Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, we can’t blame you. Getting all of your ducks (or Turduckens) in a row just to watch your friends and family stuff themselves before leaving you to deal with the dishes is nothing to be thankful for. This year, the ways to say, “I love you, but I’m not hosting your lazy ass for Thanksgiving,” are numerous and feature options for every budget and every diner.

    Sure you can sidle up to any bar in town for a downer dinner of the Tom Turkey special, but if you’re in the mood for something more charming—without actually having to play host yourself— check out these options. ------


    Lenny’s 66 W. 9th St. (At Sixth Ave.), 212-353-0300

    If you’re light on cash, company or just not in the mood to cook or eat out, run into any one of this landmark sandwich shop’s 10 locations throughout the city for a home-style, hearty sandwich. Lenny’s $7.50-$8.50 oven-roasted turkey sandwich (on bread, a roll, a hero or wrap) comes with a side of stuffing, cranberry and turkey gravy that will leave you feeling full and with a few dollars to spend on dessert. And that’s just one of its many options. “A lot of people don’t celebrate the holidays or just want to enjoy a holiday sandwich,” says manager Holanda Alava. “We offer our classic turkey sandwich year-round because people love it that much. So, why not enjoy it on the actual holiday?” While you’re at it, go ahead and treat yourself to that jumbo cookie you’ve been eyeing. We won’t judge. ------


    DuMont 432 Union Ave. (at Devoe St.), Brooklyn, 718-486-7717

    This Thanksgiving, DuMont in Williamsburg is offering a laidback oasis with a comfortingly simple menu. For $60, hungry turkey lovers who refuse to set foot in the kitchen can enjoy a diverse threecourse menu. For those sick of fowl, there’s a choice of short ribs, cod, Scottish salmon and grilled hanger steak. But, we think even the Thanksgiving staple’s biggest enemies would be enticed by the cornbread and chestnut stuffing that comes with the holiday classic. Skip the lines, the tourists and the overpriced dinners that leave you surrounded by obnoxious guests.

    Hell, they’re even offering a plate of the classic DuMac and Cheese—there’s nothing better to be thankful for. ------

    THE VEGETARIAN DINNER Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch 328 E. 14th St. (betw. First & Second Aves.), 212-598-9998

    Around this time of the year, vegans and vegetarians may feel a bit left out. But our meatless pals can feel more at home with the $24.95 dinner from Curly’s.With the option to dine in or take out, Curly’s offers a traditional Thanksgiving menu—sans meat, of course. Main dishes include a soy turkey or maple baked sham (an oh-so-cleverly named faux ham). Finish the meal off right with a decadent pumpkin cheesecake or strawberry apple pie. “We try to have a nice cozy atmosphere. It’s really a great meal for a great deal,” says owner Jean LaPointe. “It will remind of you’re the Thanksgiving meals you had when you were a kid. And it’s just a warm, welcoming atmosphere.You don’t feel like you’re in a restaurant, you feel like you’re with friends.”



    Sylvia’s 328 Lenox Ave. (betw. W. 126th & W. 127th Sts.), 212-996-0660

    This Thanksgiving, if your wallet’s light and you have lots of hungry stomachs to feed, Sylvia’s famous soul-food spot is your salvation. If you’re coming with a group of five or more (be sure to make a reservation!), take advantage of the $23 a person prix-fixe menu that offers both Thanksgiving and Southern favorites. Or, if you’re feeling a little fancier, you can splurge $27.95 for more sophisticated choices: Steak or grilled Atlantic salmon. Slyvia’s is even keeping veggie lovers in mind, with a veggie platter for $19. ------


    Paris Commune 99 Bank St. (at Greenwich St.), 212-929-0509

    Sure,Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but why not spend the evening in Paris? At the West Village stalwart, butternut squash soup with shaved hazelnuts kicks off a $45 meal that also includes turkey with all the trimmings, walnut-crusted Brie and a warm fig-pecan pie. Other entrée options include a vegetarian winter squash risotto, orangeglazed smoked ham and a pan-seared salmon with grapefruit infused beurre blanc and asparagus.We sure can’t afford to go away for the holidays, so this will have to do. ------


    Abigael’s on Broadway 1407 Broadway (at W. 39th St.), 212-575-1407

    This year, if you find yourself faced with the seemingly daunting task of accommodating your kosher friends when selecting your dining locale, Abigael’s has saved your immoral soul.This Victorian restaurant manages to satisfy both chosen and heathen needs, offering a wide array of classic favorites that any rabbi will approve of. For $49.50 a person, Chef Jeff Nathan is offering a butternut-squash soup, an autumn-inspired salad, choice of entrée (try the cider-roasted turkey breast for traditional favorite with a twist) and dessert (go old school with apple crisp or indulge with molten chocolate cake). A religious experience? Maybe not, but close enough.