M A I L B O X 12.31.08-01.06.09

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:15

    Boxed In

    I’m responding to the “Who’s Been Naughty & Nice in 2008” (Dec. 24-30) selections in your last issue. You gave Simon Hammerstein (The Box) a rap on the knuckles for alleged sexual harassment based on… the true testimony of honest and wholesome virgins lured from their convent and into the world of debauchery against their wills? Women free of motive, yet worldly enough to decry a bad man? Are you kidding? When chunks of shattered delusions of grandeur fall, they can have some sharp edges. I’ve performed at The Box under Simon’s direction for nearly two years and have only been treated with professionalism and respect. I’d hate to besmirch his reputation by painting him as an angel, but I think you’ve taken some dubious information and represented it as truth. Bad idea! —Miss Rose Wood, Chelsea

    Franco Fanatic

    How come you left James Franco off your “Nice List”? Not only is he the most adorable thing EVER, he turned in two award-worthy screen performances, he brang Gucci like it’s never been brung before and best of all, he blindsided a totally deserving David Letterman with the skill and grace of a champion. —Anne Siebenhoven

    Allanah Lover

    Congratulations on featuring the illustrious, immortal Allanah Starr! She has long been my favorite porn star. In fact, she´s just about the only porn star I´ve ever developed a liking for. Most porn is actually pretty boring, but when Allanah shows up you never know what’s going to happen. I think you should get her to write a column for your paper (or dictate one.) You’re right, she could tell us all a thing or two. —N. R. Cisi

    Pickin’ at Scabs

    Your Letters column is too skimpy to be wasted on more ritualized denunciations of Armond White. Enough, OK? Just print a box score with the number of readers who Love Armond, Hate Armond and Hateplus-Will Never Read NYPress Again Until He’s Fired. It’s about time readers focused on the sophomoric Josh Bernstein. Meanwhile, your “NFL Picks Page” has excess white space that can be usefully devoted to winning percentage in addition to deceptive raw numbers of right/wrong picks. Dividing each saloon’s correct picks by its total picks reveals Old Castle as the class of the league (69 percent), with Reservoir a distant second (64 percent) and the lame likes of Blondies, Bailey’s,Wharf and Thunder Jackson—all at 59 percent plus decimals—probably unable to find their way home in the dark. —Bill Marsano, Chelsea