Mailbox: 10.22.08-10.28.08

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:10

    Blonde Ambition?

    I’ve noticed this guy Matt Harvey [in Bash Compactor] likes to name women by their hair color. I’m still trying to figure out if he prefers blondes or brunettes, but he certainly pays attention to it. And those two bitches at the Bowlmor thing (“Bowled Over,” Oct.15-21) can just suck it. Who cares about that blond bitch, Peaches Geldof? That’s right, suck it.

    —Stan, Lower East Side

    Best Pay for Play

    Please add to “The Best of Manhattan 2008” (September 24-30) that the New York City Council is the best place for “Pay for Play” campaign contributors to influence elected officials. New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Finance Committee Council Chairperson David Weprin and many of the other 34 term-limited Council members running for higher public office in 2009 have already collectively raised millions of dollars in $500, $1,000, $2,750 and $4,900 donations from various special interest groups. Lobbyists, unions, real estate, developers, team sports owners, private notfor-profit groups and consultants are making investments today on behalf of their clients for future favors at taxpayer expense. Only a small portion of their campaign contributions come from ordinary citizens who can only afford to donate $25, $50 or $100. See for yourself and contact the New York City Campaign Finance Board or log on to their website at The list of special interest groups makes interesting reading. —Larry Penner, Great Neck, NY

    Improve Ya Thing!

    What’s up with y’all’s site? Yeah, I said it. Y’aaaalls site. I’ve read one article where some aging white woman is glorifying black men and making some mighty claims about the lacking aesthetics of white men around age 40. Honey, please. Plenty of white women Nightmare haunted house gets bigger and scarier (we think). Read more on page 17. at age 40 are in a similar condition as the men with their own skin parched from the sun and sagging from the flesh so that you could stuff them like a taxidermied cow. Honey, please.

    And then I read some other article about yet another plagued white female going to a porno shoot and possibly witnessing rape. Who is supposed to congratulate her on being non-aggressive at the shoot and being glad that the fat black dude dies at the end? I get her sarcastic “big applause” yadeeya crap. Booo. Weak. Are Y’ALL in need of a black or Latino or Asian writer over there? Speak up so somebody can give you people a hand, because it sorely is needed.

    Lordy help. I don’t know how old those articles are but really, ma’am or sir—a grip is never out of style. I don’t mean to come off the wrong way, but both of these articles just made me roll my eyes. Improve ya thing! —Cotton Dreams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letters may be edited for size and