| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:25

    to the editor: i was dismayed to read lorraine duffy merkl's column singing the supposed praises of caroline kennedy's bid to inherit a senate seat ("caroline: just like us?" jan. 8). it's telling that the best merkl could do was say that kennedy is famous and that she lives in new york. we can do better than that.

    as we look at who we would like to represent us in the united states senate, we should be looking beyond celebrity or famous last names. i certainly hope that gov. david paterson can see past the glitz and media sparkle to find a candidate who has actually shown that she has the experience and merit to serve as a senator. sorry caroline. on this one, carolyn maloney has you beat. alex bores east 81st street letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.

    to the editor: in response to lorraine duffy merkl's jan. 8 column: others of us view the appointment of our interim senator as a competition in which all qualified individuals should not only be able to toss their hats in the ring but also mount tenacious campaigns.

    in ms. kennedy's case, this selection process is a first, mild political baptism by fire when compared to the general election she would, if chosen, shortly face. democrat that she is and given the years of accomplishments of the other aspirants, it's impossible to believe she expected a cakewalk into the capitol building.

    america has been presented with a lot of "inevitability" over these last few years. i say we new yorkers are lucky our governor has such a hard choice to make and that superb public servant carolyn maloney is well in the running.

    sarah woodside gallagher first avenue letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.

    to the editor: in the last eight years, new yorkers have been lucky to be represented by someone as talented as hillary clinton. whether it was upstate economic development or downstate economic recovery, clinton proved that she could deliver for new york. as gov. paterson is presented with an opportunity to replace her successor, he should choose someone who is as qualified and accomplished as hillary clinton.

    i believe that rep. carolyn maloney would be the strongest choice for the seat, as she has a track record of success on issues of women's rights, the economy, human trafficking and public transit. the next few years will be filled with tough decisions and demand someone with real washington experience. new yorkers should stand up and call on gov. paterson to appoint someone with the experience to tackle these issues.

    jack dillinger third avenue letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.

    to the editor: "caroline: just like us?" (jan. 8) reminded us that gov. paterson's choice for senate should be based on qualifications and accomplishments, not pedigree. during her tenure in congress, carolyn maloney has proven that she has a rare combination of experience and know-how to allow her to become an outstanding representative for new york.

    in our community, maloney has worked hard on issues like securing funding for the second avenue subway and preventing the veterans' hospital from closing. her command of these issues has made me proud to have her representing us. at the same time, all new yorkers should be proud of her efforts to assist 9/11 emergency workers, establish a credit card bill of rights and her outstanding leadership on women's rights.

    maloney has been fighting for decades to improve the lives of my family and others. her accomplishments and experience clearly make her the most qualified candidate for senate. on the other hand, caroline kennedy has accomplished little except for her forgetting to vote in local elections. gov. paterson should make the easy choice and nominate maloney.

    chris calloway york avenue letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.