| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:30

    the mandell school is set to construct a new 50,000-square-foot addition to its facilities in columbus square, a new development between columbus and amsterdam avenues and west 97th and 100th streets. the school facility, scheduled to be finished by september 2010, will be housed in a new 15-story apartment building. with the space yet to be constructed, the design will be crafted around the school's needs. the project will be developed by aragorn construction. "it's unusual in new york city to be able to build a school to cater to your curriculum instead of changing your curriculum because of the school's facilities," said gabriella rowe, head of the mandell school. in addition to being modernized, mandell plans to make the facility eco-friendly. rubber floors from recycled tires, energy efficient lighting and even a vertical garden wall plan are to be included in the construction.