| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    riverside south, the mega development between west 59th and 61st streets along the hudson river, is being considered by metro-north as a location for an upper west side railway stop. the mta has long studied the possibility of connecting metro-north's new haven and hudson lines, which terminate in grand central station, with penn station. but without room at penn station, an entrance on the west side is being considered. council member gale brewer sent a letter to howard permut, president of the metro-north railroad, asking about including stop at riverside south, a project being developed by extell. permut responded, thanking brewer for her interest and stating that robert maclagger, acting vice president for planning, has been assigned to meet with her on a proposed metro-north entrance. "the next step is to conduct further analysis of this potential station location and others," permut wrote in the letter. "it's positive. it was nice to get this letter," brewer said. "i can't think of a better way to add transportation and get people out of their car." both extell and metro-north confirmed they have been discussing the feasibility of such a project. brewer's office said they are expecting to set a date to meet with maclagger, the project manager, shortly.