| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    to the editor: the march 12 letters page sums up the whole rent issue. one letter laments the absurd commercial rents that are squeezing local businesses out of their spaces, referring to "unrealistic, irrational and illogical" landlords. opposite this letter is a rant from a broker (who sounds a lot like one of the illogical landlords) who condemns residential rent control because it seems to interfere with his (apparently unquestioned) right to rake in lots of rent money. i have yet to understand how removing a ceiling on rents will encourage affordable housing. it does the opposite. what rents are "affordable" without price restraints? raising the cost of housing does not "increase everybody's options and choices," as that writer claims. it squeezes out the middle class, lowering their viable options. where's the civic concern for the overall community, not just for lining your pockets?

    marcia spires upper west side

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