| 13 Aug 2014 | 01:00

    New York City Transit, in response to a letter by Council Member Gale Brewer, is establishing a new Columbus Avenue bus stop for the M20 cross-town bus route, between West 66th and 65th streets. In September, Brewer sent a letter to Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Elliot Sander after receiving complaints from constituents. She requested that New York City Transit add a stop between the West 66th Street and Central Park West point, and the next stop, at West 63rd Street and Broadway. For some seniors, the four-street, one-avenue distance between the two stops was too large. ?You kind of get let off at Central Park West. If you don?t live in the area it?s a long haul to Broadway,? Brewer said. ?This is good for the seniors taking the bus who can take advantage of this next stop.?