New York Neighbors

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    to the editor:

    ben krull seems to typify many of us ("strangers among me," according to ben, may 7). new yorkers are bombarded with demands. "can you spare a quarter," or "this train will now be making express stops." city noise keeps us awake. the cost of living makes us spend more hours at work rather than at home.

    but while it is true our time is precious, new yorkers are generous. if you need your neighbor's help, you will get it. knowing that is better than all the borrowed cups of sugar.

    cheer up, ben; you weren't snubbed by bill and donna but by their pugs. anyone who has been "owned by pugs" will tell you that if you had a bag of good-bye treats you would have been guaranteed a pug "farewell." i am sure bill and donna are telling their new neighbors what great old neighbors they had.

    john c. jeannopoulos

    upper west side