| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    for homeowners in the upper west side who hate fliers, menus and free penny-savers strewn about their property, council member gale brewer has a sign to curb the litter. brewer has mailed out official city council paper placards to property owners in her district that can be displayed to deter people who distribute these materials on stoops and gates. "i call it the anti-litter law," said brewer, a homeowner. "i'm hoping by giving out the signs to homeowners, that will curtail some of the circulars that i think end up as litter." if the sign fails to deter violators, residents must contact the department of sanitation and fill out the appropriate form. brewer said she is one of the first council members to work with council member simcha felder, who spearheaded a bill against material distributors last year, to get such signs for her district. felder, a brooklyn democrat, introduced legislation to create the signs but was pre-empted by a state law that subjected violators $250 for each piece of material. the state law, however, only extended to landlords who owned buildings designed for three families or less to display a sign. for larger buildings, each lessee must agree to display the sign. still, brewer hopes the sign, designed with bold letters and capital letters, will at least deter violators, even if a fine cannot be levied. "it's a very big loophole in the law," brewer said. "i'm hoping that the small sign will discourage, but can't prevent by law the circulars."