Pet of the Month: April 2009

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    owner kelly kreth says, "i like to call mini a good dog that does bad things. he has eaten countless socks, underwear, chewed through two $500 retainers and a pair of $500 eyeglasses. he barks incessantly and annoys the neighbors. still, it is hard to stay mad at him: look at his face. he is also a dog of many disguises, as seen here: raindog and dog e. fresh. as a publicist by trade, i always try to promote mini. is there any wonder that the dog of a publicity seeker would want his own publicist? mini asked that i work on his behalf. he won't pay me a retainer, but he will eat them. he won't pay me for clips, but he will eat them. he won't shut up, but if i make him famous he says he might stop peeing on the floor. i won't negotiate with terrorists, but i will negotiate with rabid dachshunds."

    -- to submit your pet for "pet of the month," send an email with photo attached describing why your animal deserves recognition to photos will be judged on factors including cuteness, originality, artistic merit and how compelling the accompanying story is.