Pet of the Month: June 2009

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:30

    globetrotting dog lluna was born in spain, raised in brazil and now lives in new york city, the final stop of her journey. lluna ventured to brazil to live with her owner's parents, but owner priscilla waltrick missed her too much to let her live so far away. although lluna attended dog-training school in brazil, she had some problems with other dogs when she first moved to new york.

    "she was aggressive at first, but later she started to play with the other dogs," waltrick said. lluna now responds to commands in english, spanish and portuguese as a result of her travels. but, waltrick adds, "i don't think it's the language, i think it's the way you say it." -- to submit your pet for "pet of the month," send an email with photo attached describing why your animal deserves recognition to photos will be judged on factors including cuteness, originality, artistic merit and how compelling the accompanying story is.