| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    as president barack obama gears up to unveil his healthcare plan, the west side legislators who chair the senate and assembly health committees have introduced a publicly sponsored health coverage plan for new yorkers. "we can build on publicly funded healthcare plans that are already in effect in the state," said state sen. tom duane. "the legislation would increase the number of people insured in new york state and give better options for those underinsured." the plan builds on new york's health programs-family health plus and child plus-and would eliminate premiums and deductibles that are currently paid by employers and individuals. according to assembly member richard gottfried's office, the plan could save new yorkers at least $20 billion of the $100 billion that they annually spend on insurance. all new yorkers would be eligible, regardless of income and without having to give up the doctors and providers they use or current coverage. the program would also benefit currently uninsured new yorkers. "we can get better coverage, get all of us covered, and save billions," gottfried said in a statement.