Pressed For Time: 12.23.08-12.30.08

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:15

    Mel Brooks: Man in Tights

    Dec. 28, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway (betw. W. 94th & W. 95th Sts.), 212-864-5400; 3:30 & 7:45, $11 Mel Brooks hasn’t aged all that well. He’s 82 and more wrinkled than a Shar Pei. His comedies, on the other hand, are as fresh and funny as when he made them. Symphony Space screens two of his best: Blazing Saddles (1974) and Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993). The latter features Cary “As youuu wiiiisssh” Elwes and a killer rap at the end by Kevin Dorsey and the Merry Men Singers. The former is pretty much the best comedic Western ever made. Bottom Line: Why wouldn’t it be sad to spend the Sunday after Christmas in a darkened movie theater alone? Because you’ll spend it doubled up in laughter. And no one can see you’re alone in the dark.


    Matzo Ball

    Dec. 24, Capitale, 130 Bowery (betw. Broome & Grand Sts.), 888-633-5326; 9, $30 You’re young. You’re Jewish. You don’t have any righteous gentiles to invite you to carol or whatever they do around their Christmas tree. Where do you go Christmas Eve? If you like striped shirts, self-deprecation and body hair, we’d recommend the Matzo Ball, a gala thrown by The Society of Young Jewish Professionals. It’s at Capitale; there will be DJs; there will be grinding. Bottom Line: Any other night this crowd would be kind of horrible but during times like these, Jewiness trumps douchiness and a good time can be had by all.



    Still the River Flows: Celebrations of Winter Ritual from the Carpathians

    Dec. 26-28, La MaMa, 74A E. 4th St. (betw. 2nd Ave. & Bowery), 212-475-7710; times vary, $25  Unless you have a thing for gypsies and small, poor Eastern European villages, you’ll probably never make it to Kryvorivnia in the Carpathian Mountains. Thankfully, Kryvorivnia can come to you. Or at least a group of musicians from there can come to perform ancient winter solstice songs called the Koliada. There’s also a nativity puppet play and an Eastern European Women’s Vocal Ensemble. Bottom Line: An ethnomusicologist’s wet dream but also one for anyone who loves music, Eastern Europe, human voices, puppets or stuff.



    Sunday Gospel Brunch

    Dec. 28, B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill, 237 W. 42nd Street (betw. Broadway & 8th Ave.), 212-997-4144; 1:30, $40 Not enough Christ or food for you this week? Grab your kente cloth and head to the Sunday Gospel Brunch at B.B. Kings Blues Club. Though the club is in Times Square, the choir is straight outta Harlem and, even if you are a godless heathen (like me!) you can’t help but enjoy the music…and the mac and cheese. Delicious mac and cheese. Bottom Line: Maybe you will feel out of place, but it sure as shit beats trying to finish the New York Times crossword puzzle. Stupid puzzle.




    Dec. 24, 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson St. (betw. Watts & Desbrosses Sts.), 212-601-1000; 8, $12 A good a pregame as any for the abovementioned Matzo Ball, Jew comedians like Todd Levin, SNL writer Leo Allen and funny lady Amy Schumer take to the stage for classic standup shtick. You know, I realize that in writing this, I have an us vs. them mentality. But let’s be honest here: What else are the chosen people to do when the rest of the world is celebrating the birth of the Messiah? All there is to do is drink and laugh and cry and drink. Bottom Line: Hanukkah, Chanukah or Christmas notwithstanding, all of these performers are worth $12 (one for each day of Christmas). Together they make the case for a worldwide Jewish Comedia conspiracy.