Public Advocate Feedback

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    to the editor:

    as a person who has, from time to time, been privileged to assemble coalitions to support one issue or another, i disagree with the idea that the public advocate is unnecessary and should be eliminated (letter, april 30).

    when opposing a government program or proposal, it is always beneficial to have as many voices as possible on one's side. the fact that the current manhattan borough president is responsive to communities is welcome, but certainly does not guarantee that this will always be true, as those of us who have dealt with previous borough presidents can testify. besides, many of those who wish to eliminate the public advocate also wish to eliminate the five borough presidents.

    in tough times, there is nothing wrong with making sure that any money spent by any public office gains the most profitable results. what is unacceptable is to take away yet another voice for the public in the inevitable debate with the government.

    carol ann rinzler


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