| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    to the editor: while no one will deny that dealing with depression in teenagers is a serious topic worthy of serious discussion, the fact that you quote unnamed and undocumented sources about the mental state of my nephew, teddy graubard, prior to his untimely death two weeks ago is completely outrageous, reprehensible and worse, insensitive (dewing things better, "reflection on a tragic death," march 5). have you any idea of the emotional pain that you have brought to his mother (my sister) and the confusion you add to an already inexplicable situation for his younger brother? did you consider that before using his death and false media-hyped reports as a platform for your otherwise well-meaning article? i don't think so. with literally hundreds of reliable friends, teammates, teachers, family members and acquaintances expressing shock at the circumstances surrounding his death, and specifically offering, unsolicited, that there were absolutely no warning signs, no hints of depression, much less impending breakdown, your article leaves me outraged. i hope you think twice next time, examine your sources and do a better job. i also hope you make and print a heartfelt and sincere apology to teddy's family and friends.

    cinda graubard boulder, colo.

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