Remembering Sal

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:31

    to the editor: when my son was in west side little league, at the end of the season we had a party in riverside park. i said i'd get pizzas. i ran up the hill to sal and carmine's and brought back two pizzas. they were instantly devoured by the kids and the parents-probably more parents ate the pizza than the kids. everyone was astonished at how good the pizza was and asked me where i got it. sal and carmine's of course! where else could you get pizza like that? we will all miss sal and hope his family will carry on with something that made my mouth water every time we talked about picking up a few slices on our way somewhere. it was also a teen magnet. you could always get teenage kids (my son and others) to come over if we had s and c's pizza. we'll miss sal very much in our family and on the entire upper west side.

    carol fass riverside drive

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