| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:30

    assembly member linda rosenthal was recently tapped to head the mitchell-lama housing subcommittee. mitchell-lama is a housing program started in the 1950s to entice developers with tax incentives to make units affordable for middle-class residents.

    but mitchell-lama housing is dwindling on the upper west side. building investors have taken advantage of a provision that allows them to buy out of the program after 20 years. to reinvigorate the program, rosenthal wants to explore creating another housing program similar to mitchell lama.

    "it's a successful program. we'd like to replicate it and update for the 2000s, something that will benefit both tenants and people who invest in buildings," she said.

    rosenthal has passed pro-tenant legislation in the past, notably a bill that repeals the practice of deregulating rent-controlled units when the rent surpasses $2,000 a month. that passed the assembly but is currently sitting in the state senate.

    rosenthal's experience with mitchell-lama started 20 years ago when she attended tenant meetings on the upper west side.

    the assembly member said she wants to learn more about the committee, which she inherited from east side legislator jonathan bing, before developing a specific legislative agenda.