| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    state sen. eric schneiderman, chair of the codes committee, introduced new gun-control legislation requiring that handgun licenses be renewed every five years. the bill was introduced, in part, as a response to the slaying of 13 people at a binghamton, n.y. immigration center earlier this april. as the law stands, counties north of westchester provide lifetime handgun licenses and restrict localities from implementing stricter licensing laws. "every other license in new york state imposes renewal requirements," schneiderman said at a rally on the steps of city hall. "how is it that in the state of new york?it's too dangerous for you to have a cosmetology license without checking up periodically, but to carry a handgun, you have to have a lifetime license?" assembly member amy paulin of westchester is sponsoring the bill in her chamber. schneiderman is pushing for bipartisan votes on the bill but has yet to gain republican support, though he has reached out to the republican senator from binghamton, tom libous. at the rally, schneiderman was flanked by several democratic state senators, representatives from the group new yorkers against gun violence and manhattan district attorney candidate richard aborn.