| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    to the editor: the recent proposal by queens city council member eric gioia to make all city expenditures available online makes me wonder why gioia waited eight years to see the light. does his enlightened reform proposal have anything to do with his campaign for public advocate? while gioia is at it, perhaps he can get the city council on the web as well. they should make available the amount of lulus [extra money a council member receives for chairing a committee or taking a leadership position] for each member who chairs a committee; attendance records at council committees and all other council meetings; sponsorship of each pork barrel earmark; income and hours worked at second jobs; votes on all bills in committee or the full council; use of staff to drive council members around town versus use of metrocards; campaign contributions from those who benefit from favorable legislation or earmarked projects; and trips out of town, along with their costs. this would make interesting reading!

    larry penner great neck, long island

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