| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    you can pour yourself a sherry or pop an ativan when you're feeling stressed out, but what's your poor cat or dog to do?

    the farnam comfort zone with feliway is one great idea for cats with emotional or behavioral problems. the plug-in diffuser's heating element releases a pheromone that gives cats a natural sense of wellbeing. calling all pets, a friendly east side pet store (301 e. 76th st.), sells the diffuser for around $47 and the refill for $29-and they deliver. at petco (2475 broadway at 92nd, 147 e. 86th st. and 560 second ave. at 32nd, among other locations), prices are a little lower, but they don't deliver. and neither does new york veterinarians (150 e. 74th st.), which sells the diffuser and refill for $47 and $27 respectively.

    but if you and your cat can hold out a few days, you can do better online. and will sell you the diffuser for about $27 and the refill for about $14. the price goes down if you order three or more.

    the comfort zone with d.a.p. (dog appeasing pheromone) offers similar help for dogs. pet store prices are about $30 for the diffuser and $17 for refills. online, sells both for about $25 and $15.

    bach flower essences are another stress reliever recommended by vets. a few drops of rescue remedy in your pet's water bowl can have a real calming effect. l and h pharmacy (1065 lexington ave. near 75th) sells a 7-ml bottle for $10.95. put a few drops in your own glass of water when you have to leave your cat or dog and go to work, or when you're both freaked out by thunderstorms.