| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    gov. david paterson introduced manhattan borough president scott stringer at his state of the borough address last week. paterson, who was a state senator when stringer was in the assembly, regaled the audience packed into the city council chambers with tales of their history together. stringer actively campaigned for paterson when he ran for his harlem-upper west side senate seat in 1985. paterson recalled a photograph of then-assembly member stringer and himself on the cover of the manhattan spirit-"tom allon's choice," paterson said, referring to the president and ceo of manhattan media (the publication is now, of course, west side spirit). the picture was taken for an article on bringing the black and jewish communities together in the wake of the 1992 crown heights riots. "it exemplified the relations between the black and jewish communities and how we can bring the communities together," paterson said. paterson, who is known for his wit, poked fun at the dated photo. "if you look at the picture," paterson said. "i look the same. scott does not."