| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:11

    Assembly Member Jonathan Bing (right) has had an easy time getting re-elected since he first won office in 2002, turning over to Democrats the last GOP-held Assembly seat in the city. Bing, who voted at Sutton Place Synagogue, on East 51st Street at 10 a.m. on Nov. 4, was challenged this year by local GOP stalwart David Casavis. Still, Bing was confident in his victory. â??There"s a robust Democratic Party on the East Side, Bing said. â??It"s very hard for the GOP to break through that in the future. One young mother who voted at the Robert F. Kennedy School, at 110 E. 88th St., with her child in tow, stopped to congratulate Bing â??in advance. But Bing was still out in his district distributing campaign literature at 88th Street and Park Avenue with heavy political artillery: Comptroller Bill Thompson (center). While certainly a boon for Bing to be seen with Thompson, the Assembly member acknowledged the benefit for Thompson, who is planning a run against Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a popular politician based on the Upper East Side. â??It"s good for him to get to know the folks on the East Side, Bing said. Thompson, who spent the day campaigning with Democrats throughout the city, called Bing a â??good friend and a praised him for his bills that have addressed Mitchell-Lama housing issues. â??He doesn"t have the toughest race, Thompson said, â??But he"s somebody I"m proud to stand by today. Photo By: Andrew Schwartz