Taki's Wrong on Reds; JFK Jr.'s Preferential Treatment

| 13 Aug 2014 | 12:25

    What I don't understand is why he vehemently defends people whom he'd consider war criminals if it weren't for the fact that they're of the same political mind as he is?Henry Kissinger being one of them. Now it's Pinochet's turn to be beatified while the world awaits his extradition to Spain where justice will be served. If it wasn't for Pinochet, Taki says, Chile would have turned out to be another Cuba. Thank God it didn't. But it did turn out to be a totalitarian state similar to Cuba, except that Russians spies didn't call Chile home. Many Chileans who opposed the regime were tortured and executed in soccer stadiums. Pictures of the various executions circulated clandestinely for many years until they were published in Paris Match last year. Amaury Rodriguez, Bronx Kennedy Tax Bill MUGGER: Thanks for hammering the media (7/21) for their shameless response to JFK Jr.'s death?the vultures. But John John's passing has revealed three other ugly things about this country. First, that a great many Americans have shown themselves psychologically better suited to live in a hereditary monarchy. Really, what else can be said of people who never met JFK Jr., yet moan that he was such a big part of their lives and weep hysterically outside his Tribeca loft? Second, that plutocracy in America is alive and well. Had you or I plunged our private plane into the sea, only the Coast Guard would have looked for us. After a day or two they would have quit looking, leaving private salvage companies to retrieve us from Davey Jones' locker. Why? Because it isn't the government's responsibility to do so. But, if it's a Kennedy?well, that's another story. John John is/was a private citizen? So what? All Kennedys are Friends of Bill. So the orders come from the Oval Office to spare no expense. Damn near every government ship within 250 miles dropped what they were doing to partake in the massive rescue/retrieval effort, as if a national treasure had been lost. Then comes a burial at sea courtesy of the Navy. All of which, of course, was paid for with our tax dollars. Third, that the media hasn't the gumption to take Clinton to task for this blatant misuse of taxpayer money. Instead, they natter about the "fall of Camelot" and other such romantic buncombe, relishing the opportunity to be the stars in this spectacle of "national mourning"?a spectacle of their own making. Disgusting. Kevin R. Kosar, Brooklyn Blare and Bitch Project I was laughing out loud at Armond White's article ("Film," 7/21) about The Blair Witch Project. I never get tired of the pompous-critic-insisting-on-comparing-all-films-in-the-context-of-art routine. That always gets me going. I especially liked the bit where he lists those great art films: Blood of a Poet, L'Age D'Or, Citizen Kane, etc., then gives us the punch line: Excalibur! How clever of Mr. White to create a phony article to critique a phony documentary. My only criticism: the attempt to make the article seem authentically NYPress by jabbing at the Village Voice was a bit obvious. Adam Symons, Brooklyn A Half-Hour Every Morning MUGGER: I try to read your column, but who the hell writes all that verbiage? Do you really think most (or even some) readers have the time?and more importantly the interest?to read 10,000 words a day? Lighten up and give us a synopsis. Maybe even say something important, or profound even, instead of the novel-a day-until-the-reader-gives-up columns. I do admire your "energy level," though. I guess. Jim Buckley, San Francisco Me Degeneration Re: Amy Sohn's 7/21 "Female Trouble. "Me. Me. Me. My director. My script. Me. Me. Me. My acting. My performance. Me. Me. Me. My kvelling. My gefilte fish. My knack. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Akshay Desai, Manhattan