| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    chances are your pet has already picked out a favorite place to sleep. your bed, your sofa or your laundry, especially when it's fresh from the dryer. but you may have other ideas about where your animal should be snoozing away almost one-third of his or her life.

    if you're hearing the economy loud and clear, or you used to be friends with bernie madoff, you might want to head for petco (147 e. 86th and 2475 broadway at 92nd) where they've got some great soft fleecy donut beds for only $6.99 to $10.99.

    if you're determined to pay more, go to peter's necessities for pets (236 e. 75th). they sell bowser pet beds at prices ranging from $160 to $225 (and for $2 more, they deliver it, too).

    or go to a pet market (various locations on the upper east and west sides), which manages to look and feel like a neighborhood store. the one at 1398 second ave. is especially friendly and has a huge selection of pet beds. for the truly sports-minded pet-owner, there's a $59.99 washable football-shaped bed. a soccer ball variant is $49.99.

    an amazing silky faux fur trundle bed ($74.99) turned into three different kinds of beds: a flat sleeping pad, a furry teacup-like bed and a tunnel-like bed. its wonderfulness was being demonstrated convincingly by lucy, the store's mellow and well-nourished tuxedo cat.

    pet market also has a bed shaped like a house in faux suede or a burberry-like plaid (by best pet snuggle) for $49.99. the roof and sides deconstruct so that it can be washed easily.

    at the pet market at 1570 first ave., i could easily picture my ultra feminine, exotic longhaired black cat, who is the catherine zeta jones of felines, in the "princess pooch" donut shaped bed by pet boutique/ganz. in bright and happy pink, green and yellow lilly pulitzer colors, it was washable and only $32.99. meowsa! pet market stores all have free delivery, too.

    but you don't have to make your decision right now. look at a few, go home and sleep on it.