| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    to the editor: as new york city comptroller, i recognize that times are tough for all new yorkers. at a time when people are losing their jobs, their homes or healthcare, and they require more assistance from our great city, we face a shrinking budget and sharp cutbacks in support from the state. simply put, there are no easy solutions to the problems we face. however, the financial plan announced by the mayor seeks to balance the budget on the backs of working people. he has presented a proposal that relies far too heavily on a sales tax increase at a time when the city's hardworking families and small businesses are suffering. in order to better combat this growing budget gap, i propose an increase in the city's personal income tax focused on high-income taxpayers earning more than $500,000 annually. this tax would be temporary and could be removed when our city enters better fiscal times. president obama has said that we all have a shared responsibility to get our economy going again, and i agree. we must take steps to get credit flowing again, reopen businesses and put people back to work.

    william c. thompson, jr. new york city comptroller

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