ode to The MTA and DOT Letter

| 16 Nov 2015 | 04:54

    Now that I am 88

    It’s MTA and DOT I love to hate

    Moving bus stops is their pleasure

    Including most I have learned to treasure

    Not so when I was only 70

    The 5 and 7 were right near me.

    Ah, Fifth avenue and Broadway were my “hoods”

    And from there everywhere was good.

    But then the Mayor changed the streets

    And my buses went into high retreat

    At first two blocks for my ascent

    But then I noted that stops literally went

    No more 5 at its usual corner

    For this deprivation I became a mourner

    No signs, no alerts, just blown away

    What a rotten way to start my day.

    No benches at my places

    Despite longer and longer spaces

    Letters and letters to all and more

    Must not even get in the door

    “Elder friendly” New York states.

    No more folks, we’ll have to wait!

    My kind of town New York is----oops--”was”

    Claire Fagin