the power of east side churches

| 09 Oct 2014 | 02:25

    My wife and I look forward to reading Bette Dewing’s column in Our Town whenever it appears (which in our opinion is not often enough!).
    We don’t usually write to columnists, but after reading her Sept. 4th column “Even non-believers should save faith groups,” we felt she came right down to the heart and soul of the issues and we had to contact you.
    We agree that the churches in the community are more than just places of worship. They provide support for the needy, nourish the body and soul, and are a centerpiece/meeting place of community activity.
    If you are interested in continuing your story, I would be happy to introduce you to the pastor of St. Catherine’s of Siena Church, which is located on 68th Street between First and York Avenues. St. Catherine’s is the center of activity for many non-denominational community services, including a cancer support group, Sutton Place AA group, etc.
    In addition to what you described in your article about the churches in our area, St. Catherine’s has a unique bond with the medical community and the East Side hospital campuses surrounding it. St. Catherine’s provides a place for families of patients and hospital staff to reflect and pray, and is filled with parishioners and a staff who care. It has a special relationship with each of the hospitals in the neighborhood. Over 150 people visiting these hospitals pass thru the doors of St. Catherine’s on a daily basis, and many are non-Catholics.
    It is a column like the one you wrote that brings attention to what New Yorkers of any faith do well – care for their neighbors. I would be happy to help you continue to shed light on the special attributes hidden within these East Side churches.
    Ed Munshower